Top 5 Used Cars

While in the past, the used car market was impossible to rely on to get a car or even used vans ni. Fortunately, it has now become very reliable to the satisfaction for most people. It is no wonder then that most people have resorted to buying used or second hand cars rather than new ones mainly due to the price factor. With the year almost halfway, some models of used cars have definitely left quite an impression in the UK. The top five best used cars in UK are listed below.

1. Ford S. Max

This car has been available in the market for more than two years now and continues to be the favorite cars ni, especially among families. Being a seven-seater car with a rare combination of good pricing, economic as well as mechanical performance, it’s going to be favorite car for many people in 2014. check out Ford for the latest models.

2. Ford Focus

Ranked as Britain’s best-valued car, this car is everything that families would wish to own. It holds 385 litres of fuel, which is quite an improvement on MKL. In addition, it comes at affordable prices and has a considerably big boot.

3. Audi A1

Audi Belfast have a range of great cars. First unveiled in 2011, this car has a unique combination of style, lively dynamics as well as off the chart quality that supermini car lovers cannot get enough of. This is undoubtedly one of the best used cars on the market.

4. Vauxhaull Insignia

While it may not be the best car of all time, this car has lots of space and comfort to offer which is what all motorists are looking for in cars. Its price ranges from £5000 to £1400, which is quite cheap compared to new models. It has been noted many drivers of this vehicle are also interested in trucks for sale


5. Ford Fiesta

Lastly and definitely not the least is the Ford Fiesta. This car has been on the roads now for several years, this car can be purchased at a number of places. Unlike other smaller models of fords, this car comes with an advanced technological integration including parking sensors, Bluetooth, heated windscreens, and cruise control.

The above models are just but a few of the best used cars in the UK. The UK used car market has so much more to offer for almost everyone at affordable prices. They can be purchased at several places the most common one being online.

Farm Dealers

Agriculture is a vital practice in today’s world. This is because farming plays a major role in providing people with food and through it, it can be a source of income. For an effective and more productive farming, there has to be equipment like tractors for sale to ease the work load and boost production. This is why there are farm machinery dealers who sell used and new farm equipment to farmers all over the UK. Different companies specialize in supplying the machinery, while they face stiff competition from rival companies. The companies could be experienced in the agricultural market, however, they still face some challenges that may prove to be out of their hands in some situations.

Challenges Faced
• High Food Demand: There is an increase in food demand each year, which also affects the general sales of the farm machinery. If people need more food, and the prices increases, they may neglect the need of farm machinery since it will be costly to hire or purchase one. One may prefer doing a simple farming in the garden.

• Poor Distribution Channels: The farm machinery dealers are challenged when it comes to channels of equipment distribution. There are few dealers who distribute the machinery yet the manufacturing rate is high. Therefore, the storing space is limited and small for the multiple equipment manufactured.

• Long distance from manufacturers: The dealers’ store is far from the main manufacturer, for that, they are challenged when it comes to bringing the equipment to the stores for sales. The time taken to transport the equipment could lead to wreckages or loss of clients who are in urgent need of them.

• Incompetence: Some dealers have no full knowledge of operating and/or repairing the given equipment in case a client needs assistance. Most of them only sell the machinery, but the manufacturers are the ones with comprehensive knowledge on taking care of the machinery and operating them in the right way.

• Multiple Product Range: The dealers main purpose is to sell the equipment for a manufacturer, they simply act as intermediaries. For that matter, they may find it difficult when selling a product of a non-recognized company. That will reduce their sales rate in general since people might shun from purchasing the rare equipment

• Competition: This is from both their fellow dealers and used tractors northern Ireland and the manufacturers themselves. For the dealers, there are more dealers who emerge to sell the machinery and therefore, the sales ratio is reduced. For the manufacturers, some opt to sell their products directly to their customers due to fear of losing them. Many clients reduce buying a particular brand of equipment due to lack of technical assistance from the dealers. The manufacturers therefore opt to sell directly and offer the required technical assistance.

There are multiple dealers all over the country who distribute farm machinery. They face challenges that are difficult to avoid in a way since it is not in their hand. However, the farm machinery dealers are expected to have a deep knowledge of the equipment they are selling in order to be sure of offering technical assistance to the clients whenever needed, which is amongst the major factors.


You may have heard of phrases like ‘Insurance Write-Offs’ , ‘Category C’ or ‘Category D’ reasonably often,especially when shopping for a secondhand automobile or car parts in Northern Ireland. Insurance firms normally write off vehicles that have been involved in road accidents. However some cars are often written off due to one reason or the other for instance as a result of being damaged by earthquake or any other natural calamity. It is important to note that every vehicle that is considered a write-off by an insurance company will always be categorized according the condition it is in and how it can be used afterwards.

Many people misinterpret car dismantlers terms ‘Write-off’,it does not often mean that a car is past repair or permanently dangerous to drive but somewhat that the insurer is writing-off the cost of bringing it back to its initial condition. This is because doing so would be uneconomic if the value of the car is considered.

If a vehicle is declared a writ-off,the owner will receive some compensation according to what the insurance company deems to be the value of the car. Alternatively they may keep the car and have it restored to its pre-accident condition at their own expense. Damaged repairable vehicles can be categorized as follows;

Category C: These are cars allowed back on the road since the damage is repairable. However the cost of the repair tends to be higher than the car’s value. But if you do not want to part with your vehicle for some reason maybe it was a gift,you can decide to repair it at your own cost.

Category D: These are vehicles allowed back on the road since the damage tends to be a repairable one. Unlike the above category,the repair costs are often lower than the value of the vehicle although it is significant enough for the automobile to be written-off.

Note: Category A and B cars are the most seriously damaged and must not be allowed back on the road. However their spare parts can be removed and sold as scrap.


As a matter of fact, many individuals find themselves not aware of where to get and procure car parts or cars. This is mainly due to lack of knowledge of where they can easily make purchases or acquire them. In the UK, there are many handlers and dealers of car parts.

To begin with, these car parts in Northern Ireland are usually very diverse and are of a great range. To start with, there are those that are specific on a particular car model. In this case, car parts for models such as Honda, Toyota, Isuzu and Ford among many others are readily available.

In addition, these car parts are also categorized in terms of spare parts or used parts. These are normally greatly preferred by individuals who want to fix their vehicles in case of some mechanical problems. Compared to new accessories, these ones are usually a bit cheap and their price is relatively low.

The sale of most used cars ni is normally a service offered by specific car accessory dealers. This is due to the fact that they are the ones endowed with all the relevant knowledge based on cars. It is highly advisable that prior to the procuring of any car parts, an individual should establish a reputable car part dealer.

Similar to many other products, there are usually seasonal offers on car parts purchased. These seasonal offers are usually in a move to try ad attract customers in addition to try and eliminate old stock. It is during such periods that individuals can buy items at very low prices.

There are many ways through which car accessories can be purchased. The one that is mostly used involves customers physically going to sale stores to get the products. Another way can be through online purchasing. This is where an individual has to access a particular dealer’s website and make an order of the part he or she requires and delivery will be made. For online buying, individuals can also choose eBay to buy car parts in the UK.