Farm Dealers

Agriculture is a vital practice in today’s world. This is because farming plays a major role in providing people with food and through it, it can be a source of income. For an effective and more productive farming, there has to be equipment like tractors for sale to ease the work load and boost production. This is why there are farm machinery dealers who sell used and new farm equipment to farmers all over the UK. Different companies specialize in supplying the machinery, while they face stiff competition from rival companies. The companies could be experienced in the agricultural market, however, they still face some challenges that may prove to be out of their hands in some situations.

Challenges Faced
• High Food Demand: There is an increase in food demand each year, which also affects the general sales of the farm machinery. If people need more food, and the prices increases, they may neglect the need of farm machinery since it will be costly to hire or purchase one. One may prefer doing a simple farming in the garden.

• Poor Distribution Channels: The farm machinery dealers are challenged when it comes to channels of equipment distribution. There are few dealers who distribute the machinery yet the manufacturing rate is high. Therefore, the storing space is limited and small for the multiple equipment manufactured.

• Long distance from manufacturers: The dealers’ store is far from the main manufacturer, for that, they are challenged when it comes to bringing the equipment to the stores for sales. The time taken to transport the equipment could lead to wreckages or loss of clients who are in urgent need of them.

• Incompetence: Some dealers have no full knowledge of operating and/or repairing the given equipment in case a client needs assistance. Most of them only sell the machinery, but the manufacturers are the ones with comprehensive knowledge on taking care of the machinery and operating them in the right way.

• Multiple Product Range: The dealers main purpose is to sell the equipment for a manufacturer, they simply act as intermediaries. For that matter, they may find it difficult when selling a product of a non-recognized company. That will reduce their sales rate in general since people might shun from purchasing the rare equipment

• Competition: This is from both their fellow dealers and used tractors northern Ireland and the manufacturers themselves. For the dealers, there are more dealers who emerge to sell the machinery and therefore, the sales ratio is reduced. For the manufacturers, some opt to sell their products directly to their customers due to fear of losing them. Many clients reduce buying a particular brand of equipment due to lack of technical assistance from the dealers. The manufacturers therefore opt to sell directly and offer the required technical assistance.

There are multiple dealers all over the country who distribute farm machinery. They face challenges that are difficult to avoid in a way since it is not in their hand. However, the farm machinery dealers are expected to have a deep knowledge of the equipment they are selling in order to be sure of offering technical assistance to the clients whenever needed, which is amongst the major factors.

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