Top 5 Used Cars

While in the past, the used car market was impossible to rely on to get a car or even used vans ni. Fortunately, it has now become very reliable to the satisfaction for most people. It is no wonder then that most people have resorted to buying used or second hand cars rather than new ones mainly due to the price factor. With the year almost halfway, some models of used cars have definitely left quite an impression in the UK. The top five best used cars in UK are listed below.

1. Ford S. Max

This car has been available in the market for more than two years now and continues to be the favorite cars ni, especially among families. Being a seven-seater car with a rare combination of good pricing, economic as well as mechanical performance, it’s going to be favorite car for many people in 2014. check out Ford for the latest models.

2. Ford Focus

Ranked as Britain’s best-valued car, this car is everything that families would wish to own. It holds 385 litres of fuel, which is quite an improvement on MKL. In addition, it comes at affordable prices and has a considerably big boot.

3. Audi A1

Audi Belfast have a range of great cars. First unveiled in 2011, this car has a unique combination of style, lively dynamics as well as off the chart quality that supermini car lovers cannot get enough of. This is undoubtedly one of the best used cars on the market.

4. Vauxhaull Insignia

While it may not be the best car of all time, this car has lots of space and comfort to offer which is what all motorists are looking for in cars. Its price ranges from £5000 to £1400, which is quite cheap compared to new models. It has been noted many drivers of this vehicle are also interested in trucks for sale


5. Ford Fiesta

Lastly and definitely not the least is the Ford Fiesta. This car has been on the roads now for several years, this car can be purchased at a number of places. Unlike other smaller models of fords, this car comes with an advanced technological integration including parking sensors, Bluetooth, heated windscreens, and cruise control.

The above models are just but a few of the best used cars in the UK. The UK used car market has so much more to offer for almost everyone at affordable prices. They can be purchased at several places the most common one being online.

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